Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jim's Gym Pet Peeves #2

Outdoor Shoes inside the Gym.

This one boggles the mind.  Why do people feel that this rule does not apply to them.  So many people feel that they can wear any kind of sneakers outside and come into the Gym with them, even on a wet or snowy day.

The Gym has signs up reminding (people who know how to read, or choose to read) that you are only supposed to use indoor shoes at the Gym.  From the Gym's point of view it makes the carpets last longer.  From my point of view the less dirt inside the less that gets tracked into the locker room and all over the floors/machines etc.

Lets not even talk about when it's swim team day and parents set their kids loose all over.  The amounts of water and dirt tracked around is ridiculous.  The tile floors in the locker room suffer the most.

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