Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jim's Gym Pet Peeves #3

This is perhaps the most evil pet peeve.

Today at the gym about 20 minutes into my run I noticed out the window a golden retriever locked in a maroon Chevy mini van. I noticed the dog because he was climbing around the van. After a little while I noticed that he was panting. I saw that the owner of the vehicle had opened the rear most windows the crack that they do open, you know the pivot out kind of minivan windows. 40 minutes into my run I really couldn't contain myself. I stopped running and went to the front desk.

I asked if they knew whose vehicle it was, explained that a panting fog was locked in the van that was sitting in the sun and that the owner had less than 5 minutes before I called the ASPCA.

I left this with the gym staff. I returned to my run. 1 to 2 minutes later a swimming mom with two kids comes out to the van. I hope she was embarrassed by her abuse of her dog. They didn't let the dog out. They didn't walk her/him. The mom just sipped her dunkin donuts iced coffee (must have been warm in the van) as she got in and zipped away.

Lovely people.

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