Friday, February 20, 2009

2009-02-20 My Run This AM

Ran 5.85 miles this morning.  Right in the area I was shooting for, felt good, mostly, a little shin splint action early on, but very minor.  Burned 1135 calories. 

Got to the Gym at 5:29am, there were about 7 people already there!  I guess I finally just need to ask the woman who normally opens the Gym what time she really gets there.  Not sure I really want to be getting there any earlier, but who knows...

Got to spend some good time thinking about some GTM details for the Messaging NCG, some good thoughts, but one of the downsides of having most of the company 3 hours behind is that you can't quite call people at 4:15 their time to tell them you just finished a workout and have some interesting ideas to share....  But I guess the good part is that you get to run in the morning, then commute to the office without feeling late :)


  1. There is always Lee Goodman to call. He always appreciates a good idea at stupid-o-clock in the morning

  2. From Lindsay: "Another great benefit of working out so early... is that when you get home at night, you're home! And you have your entire evening free. Way to go Jimmy!"

  3. Thanks Waldo (and Lindsay!). Commentary is much appreciated. Maybe I will call Lee... Or at least call Cathy as she was always Lee's favorite person to call with random ideas at random times.