Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Running Sneakers

Got some new Shoes today. 

Went to Marathon Sports in Norwell, 1 door over from my Gym.  We've been there before, but I never connected them with the Marathon sports that is in Boston.

Marathon is Great.  Meghan helped me.  I ran the length and back of their building while she watched how I ran with no shoes on.  I have a neutral run, or almost.  

Meghan brought out a ton of shoes from Brooks, Asics, and Saucony.  I have a Saucony bias, but this really proved why.  The Saucony really did feel better.  I must have tried on 9 different pairs.  They also have a treadmill in the store.  I ran in about 3 different pairs for just a few minutes.  This really helped.  I was kinda tired after my workout, but I wanted to be tired so that I couldn't cheat while trying on the sneakers.

The biggest revelation was that I went from a size 11.5 in my old Saucony's to 12.5 in these new ones.  Oh, the new sneakers are the Saucony Progrid Ride.  Check out Tomorrow's post for the first real run review.

The new Saucony's cost 89.99, not bad considering I never asked or wanted to ask the price of the sneakers while picking them out.  What they say about marathon sports in online reviews is true.  They really do want you to find the right sneaker, no the most expensive.

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