Monday, February 16, 2009

New Headphones for shuffle

Marissa was kind enough to load some great running music on the iPod shuffle that we have and I started using it last week.  It really really helped with running, especially drowning out noises from other people and somehow putting me in a trance.  The Shuffle is awesome, but clipping it to my shirt isn't.  

Mandy told me a week or so ago she had gotten headphones for her iPod shuffle that were just headphones, no wires, and the iPod clipped into the headphones.  I couldn't find anything over at that looked interesting.  The monster headphones look really bad and appear to have quality issue from most of the reviews online.  
Google to the rescue.... I found now prepare yourself for some really bad web pages.  but.. for 35 bucks (way less than anything else that's even close to comparable) these guys are selling some smart headphones that really make sense.  

So I paid for these via PayPal today...  Look forward to getting them in a few days.  I'll post again to give my thoughts.


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