Thursday, February 12, 2009 Clearance

I don't think that clothing from Nike is cheap, but I do really like it and the quality of the gear they make.  I suppose I should try some other brands, but once you find something that works, something that fits, and something that isn't broken, well it;s hard to change. has a great clearance section.  I've purchased a few running shorts and a few items from them recently an have been really happy.  If you sign up for their club (I forget the name) you get free regular shipping the first time you order.  Pretty cool.  So far I've purchased:

Nike Pro - Ultimate 6" Men's Shorts - These are really nice compression shorts / aka spandex, though a little short for a big guy like me.  

Nike Pro - Core Men's Compression Shorts - These are nice, longer than the Ultimate 6" shorts, which I prefer, though the Ultimate shorts are nicer overall, too bad they weren't 7 inches...

Nike Tempo Men's Track Shorts - These are really nice.  They are sorter than your random long athletic short so that they aren't in the way, but my no means are they a 'short short'.  They work well with some of the spandex / compression shorts.  Definitely think these were a purchase well worthwhile.  And I saved about 6 bucks by getting them on clearance.

Happy Shopping

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