Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ras na hEireann USA

"Ras na hEireann is the most genuine Irish race this side of the Atlantic. It is a celebration of traditions dating back centuries—and simply a celebration of spring in Somerville, Massachusetts."

I registered for Ras Na hEireann, a 5K race in and around Davis Square in Somerville on St. Patrick's day (Sunday, March 15th).  It looks like I got quite lucky that they expanded the registration this year (from 3000 last year to 5000 this year).  It appears that there is a special scoring section for 'bigger' runners, but it's interesting that in the running world bigger is above 170 pounds... Oh well, doesn't matter.

The race is run by the Somerville Striders and B.A Event Promotions.  Here is a link to the race website Ras na hEireann USA race.

I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but with St. Patrick's day in full swing and 15 local bars sponsoring the race, it should be an interesting one.

In the sage words of Mr. Steve... "wow. going crazy with the new hobby."

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  1. I think you're supposed to stop at every pub along the route and have a beer. That could be one long 5k. I really like that race course. I did the Jingle bell something or other in December and it was organized really well. They even give you little chips to put on your shoe for timing.