Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Gym

So I work out at Webbs ProFitness in Norwell, MA.  It's about 12 minutes from the house.  We have a elliptical machine at home, so if you don't see me there you can assume I'm working out on that that day, or being lazy :)

It has a pool, sauna, and hot tub (I use the last of these 3 when I have time).  There are all the machined that I'd ever want to use, though don't use too often.  There is no uncomfortable feeling at the gym, it's very relaxed, people are there to work out, not to annoy you.

It's a really nice place, tons of classes and programs.  It never seems overly crowded, at least before and after work, and most times on the weekend when I'm there.  

I'd really recommend Webb's to anyone who lives close enough to go there.  It's really been a great place for us (and it doesn't hurt that it is very reasonably priced).

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